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We are a small and casual bakery. Therefore, we do not offer the "traditional" sit down consultations/tastings.  However, we are happy to work with you to fill your order. Please contact our cake specialist via email to begin working on building your one of a kind wedding cake! 

Email is the best and fastest way to get in contact with us when ordering cakes/pastries/catering. Please include what you would like to order, the date you need it, your name, and phone number.

We can add floral service to your cake! Please include pictures, ideas, and/or questions in your initial email to our cake specialist. 

Click on the Cake & Pastry Menu tab to explore our cake flavors!

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Important Info!

All of our cakes are chilled for easy transport and guaranteed freshness. We recommend the cake be left out an hour per cake inch in order to reach room temperature (for example 4-inch cakes should be left out for 4 hours, 6-inch cakes should be left out for 6 hours, & so on)

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